Name: Mei Usahime

Species: Demi-human

Title: Lady Moon

Age: 23

Personality: Down-to-earth, tries to be mature and cute, but sometimes can be very childish and not so seiso. Sensitive, but very caring to those who stick by her side.

Abilities: Able to ascend to the spirit realm and become a ghost

Theme: Shrine maiden/Feudal Fantasy

What she likes to do: Play video games (Especially osu!), draw, sing, study languages

Favorite Food: Honey chicken

Favorite drink: Arizona iced tea


Once upon a time, a shrine maiden was going about her duties at her shrine when she noticed a loud rustling in the cherry blossom trees nearby. Thinking it was another maiden of the shrine trying to play a trick on her, she went to look what had made all the ruckus.

To her surprise, she found something laying beneath a cherry tree. She bent down to take a better look. It was a woven basket with a silk cloth draped over it. She peered in awe at how shimmery and expensive it looked, and slowly lifted the cloth to find a baby girl with what looked to be bunny ears. She was taken aback to see ears on what looked like a perfectly normal human child. However, she knew from her shrine maiden studies that rabbits were not a bad omen, quite the opposite!

After the initial shock had worn off, she scanned the baby to find a moon hairclip adorned upon her brown hair. Picking her up, she noticed a cute little bunny tail to match the ears. There was also a folded piece of paper in the basket. It read as such:

"Mei Usahime was a princess born to a very noble family that lived on the moon, but war broke out between nations over land disputes and quickly escalated and began to put her life at risk. Several of those nations made alliances to seize and rule over her family's land and unable to flee in time themselves, were taken as hostages. I am a prince from a nation who was allied with her family's. I brought her here on her family's behalf so that she could live a normal life. Please take care of her until her 18th birthday. I will be back to help her claim what was rightfully hers."

And thus she was raised by the workers of the shrine and grew up being taught the ways of a shrine maiden. She was dubbed as a god to those who visited because of her ears and tail, and later the shrine was renamed to the Rabbit Shrine. She was praised at home, but at school, people saw her as different and she was often bullied. As a young child, she lived life thinking she was just different until her 13th birthday when the shrine priest had told her the truth. She thought that the shrine workers were her family and had no idea that her real family was of nobility.

To Be Continued...